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The C.A.L.L. (Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime) is a non-profit organization that represents a collaboration between Arkansas Christian churches and the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services. Its mission is to educate, equip, and encourage the Christian community to provide a future and a hope to children in foster care. Because of the crisis shortage of foster and adoptive parents, the primary focus is to recruit enough foster and adoptive families from the Christian community for the children in state custody, county by county. To do this, The CALL coordinates recruitments during Sunday morning church services, provides the required Foster/Adopt PRIDE training class in a two-weekend format, and utilizes volunteers to make the certification process more user-friendly. The CALL also works on equipping local churches in how best to support the foster and adoptive families in their congregations.

The Arkansas State CASA Association promotes and supports local programs providing qualified trained court-appointed volunteer advocates to help abused and neglected children in juvenile dependency-neglect proceedings reach safe, permanent homes.  A CASA volunteer acts as a fact finder of the child's best interest, providing a judge with valuable information on the child to help the court make a sound decision about the child's future.  There is also CASA of Northwest Arkansas.  Their mission is to speak for the best interest of abused and neglected children in court, and to promote and support quality volunteer representation for children to provide each child a safe nurturing home.

The Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families mission is to ensure that all children and their families have the resources and opportunities they need to lead healthy and productive lives and to realize their full potential.  Their web site also includes weekly Legislative Summary reports on bills of interest to foster parents and other child-related bills.

The mission of the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence is to enhance the investigation, prosecution, treatment, support and prevention of cases of child abuse, rape and domestic violence.

The Children's Protection Center of Little Rock is a child advocacy and safety center that works with members of the Pulaski County Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team (MDT for short) which includes child protection personnel, law enforcement professionals, child forensic interviewers, medical and mental health professionals, social workers, and victim assistance professionals, serving Pulaski County and surrounding communities.  Other branches in Arkansas are listed at http://www.accardv.uams.edu/CACs-AR-website-609.pdf, and are part of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas.

The Arkansas Federation of Families advocates for improving services to families and friends of special-needs foster children.  The AFFCMH has created or supported support groups in a number of Arkansas counties.  The AFFCMH has created a respite voucher program and is working to expand the availability of respite to families across the state of Arkansas.  The AFFCMH continues to be engaged in a leadership role in the development and implementation of System of Care within the state of Arkansas.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway at http://www.childwelfare.gov provides quick access to publications, websites, a workforce community of practice, and online databases covering a wide range of topics, including child welfare, child abuse and neglect, foster care, and adoption.

Web Sites:

Foster parents are "mandated reporters", along with teachers, day care and nursery staff, medical staff, local and state employees, and other professionals and child workers in the state.  This means that they are required to report (by calling the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-482-5964) if they have a reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed, as defined as maltreatment by Arkansas law, which is what you and any other caring parent or adult would want them to do if your child or a child that you knew and loved was at risk or had been harmed.  The web sites listed below are good resources to help you recognize child abuse, versus normal every-day bumps and bruises that children are prone to get.

Seminar on Child Sexual Abuse - A 1995 academic study that contains interviewing techniques and abuse indicators.  Of particular interest is section IV on General Principles for Conducting an Unbiased Interview; however, we and other social workers we've talked to disagree with their suggestion that the child and the interviewer sit in chairs in a formal office setting.  This is from an Oklahoma web site.

Investigative Interviews of Children, by Debra Poole and Michael Lamb (1998).  (This is a book found on Amazon.com.)

Forensic Interviewing Protocol, by the State of Michigan.  Drafted by Debra Poole and currently under revision.

Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse - U.S. Department of Justice (OJJDP - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) Child Protection publications (most available on-line), including:

Defining Child Abuse and Neglect - Recognizing Red Flags - Migrant Head Start child abuse and neglect prevention training, including the following handouts:

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, Title 42 U.S.C., Chapter 67, Subchapter 1, Sections 5101 - 5107.  (Not too interesting, but, I've included it here, anyway.)

The Kid Safe Page - Information on protecting children from predators.  Includes links to other kid safety sites.

DCFS Publications:

Below are some of the DCFS publications which explain various aspects of the foster care system in Arkansas.  If a link to a publication doesn't work, that probably means that DCFS has revised it and renamed it.  If that is the case, just click on "Local Copy" for the latest copy of that publication that we have downloaded to our web site.  (Also, let us know that the publication is no longer available at the web address that we have for it.)  These and other DCFS Publications can be seen at http://humanservices.arkansas.gov/dcfs/Pages/dcfsPublications.aspx which contains the latest information from DCFS.

Publication #

Name of Publication

PUB-004 Minimum Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies  (R. 01/2012) Local Copy
PUB-011 What Happens When Your Child & Family Are Involved with DCFS?  (R. 04/2010) Local Copy
PUB-011 (Spanish) ¿Qué pasa cuando su hijo y su familia entran en contacto con el DSNF?  (R. 06/2010) Local Copy
PUB-020 Be a Foster Parent: Open Your Heart, Open Your Home  (R. 01/2011) Local Copy
PUB-020 (Spanish) Abra su corazón y su hogar  (R. 03/2011) Local Copy
PUB-022 Standards of Approval for Foster and Adoptive Homes  (R. 08/2011) Local Copy
PUB-030 Family Foster Parent Handbook  (R. 06/2011) Local Copy
PUB-050 Be Your Own Advocate! A roadmap to your time in Arkansas foster care  (R. 09/2010) Local Copy
PUB-050 (Spanish) ¡Sé tu propio defensor! Guía de tu tiempo en crianza temporal en Arkansas  (R. 10/2010) Local Copy
PUB-051 Extended Foster Care Program  (R. 12/2011) Local Copy
PUB-052 Child Protective Services:  A Caretaker's Guide  (R. 02/2012) Local Copy
PUB-052 (Spanish) Servicios de Protección del menor: Guía para cuidadores  (R. 12/2010) Local Copy
PUB-079 Know the Law: Raising Children in Arkansas--A guide to legal child discipline  (R. 10/2010) Local Copy
PUB-079 (Spanish) Conozca la ley: Educar niños en Arkansas--Guía sobre disciplina infantil legal  (R. 12/2010) Local Copy
PUB-099 Referrals for Children Born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders  (R. 11/2011) Local Copy
PUB-357 Child Maltreatment Assessment Protocol  (R. 09/2011) Local Copy
PUB-399 Meal Voucher Authorization for "Feed the Kids" Program  (R. 08/2002) Local Copy
PUB-406 Care, Commit, Connect: Together for Arkansas' Children & Families  (R. 01/2011) Local Copy
PUB-406 (Spanish) Cuidado, Compromiso, Conexión: Juntos por los Niños y Familias de Arkansas  (R. 01/2011) Local Copy
PUB-409 What is DCFS? A Guide to the Services Provided by DCFS  (R. 09/2010) Local Copy
PUB-409 (Spanish) ¿Qué es el DCFS? Guía de servicios entregados por la DCFS  (R. 11/2010) Local Copy

DCFS Forms:

Below are some of the DCFS forms (about 170 of them!) that are available through the CHRIS database.  If the CHRIS database is down, this site serves as a backup site for those forms for DCFS case workers and other DCFS personnel to download and fill out.  If a link to a form doesn't work, that probably means that DCFS has revised it and renamed it.  If that is the case, just click on "Local Copy" for the latest copy of that form that we have downloaded to our web site.  (Also, let us know that the form is no longer available at the web address that we have for it.)  These and other DCFS Forms can be seen at http://humanservices.arkansas.gov/dcfs/Pages/dcfsForms.aspx which contains the latest information from DCFS.

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  ASP-03 Arkansas State Police Case Form Local Copy


VR-7) Birth Certificate Application VR-7 (R.05/2008) Local Copy
  CgFS-001 Chafee Foster Care Independence Grant Program Referral Form (R.11/2007) Local Copy
  CFS-001A Chafee Foster Care Independence Grant Program After Care and Post-Adoptive Educational Assistance Referral Form (02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-0025 Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Worksheet Local Copy
  CFS-035 Independent Living Statistical Summary Local Copy
CFS-301 Request to Develop or Revise a DCFS Policy, Procedure, Publication or Form (R.08/2007) Local Copy
CFS-300 Notification of Changes in Out-of-Home Placement (R.11/2005) Local Copy
CFS-300A Attorney-Ad-Litem, Court Appointed Special Advocate and Child Notification of Changes in Out-of-Home Placement (11/2005) Local Copy

CFS-304 Justification for Special Board Rate Form Local Copy
CFS-307 Follow-up w/Child Maltreatment Reporter (R. 02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-310 Notice of Child Maltreatment Allegation Local Copy
  CFS-310S Notice of Child Maltreatment Allegation (Spanish) (R. 06/2004) Local Copy
CFS-311 Notice to Local Education Agency (LEA) of Alleged Child Maltreatment (R. 02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-312A Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notice (R. 02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-312AS Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notice (Offender) (Spanish) R.08/2007) Local Copy
  CFS-312A1 Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notice and Acknowledgement (02/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-312A1W Witness Statement of Notice of Investigative Determination (02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-312B Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notification (Parent of Underaged Juvenile Aggressor) (R. 02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-312BS Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notification (Underage Juv Aggr) (Spanish) (R. 08/2007) Local Copy
CFS-312C Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notice to Others (Not the Offender) (02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-312CS Child Maltreatment Investigative Determination Notice to Others (Not the Offender) (Spanish) R. 08/2007) Local Copy
  CFS-313 Office of Chief Counsel Review of Administrative Hearing Investigative Determination (02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-316 Request for CPS Central Registry Check (R. 08/2007) Local Copy
CFS-317 Off-Site Worker's Safety Log (09/2003) Local Copy
  CFS-319 Notification to Child Maltreatment Petitioner of Amendment Approval Local Copy
CFS-320 Administrative Hearing Statement Local Copy
CFS-321 Referral for Investigation Local Copy
CFS-322 Homemaker Referral Local Copy
  CFS-323 Protective Custody/Parental Notification Local Copy
  CFS-323S Protective Custody/Parental Notification (Spanish) (05/2002) Local Copy

CFS-324 Checklist of Homemaker’s Activities Local Copy
  CFS-325 Notification of Complaint Other Than Child Maltreatment Local Copy
  CFS-326 Outcome of Complaint Investigation (Other Than Child Maltreatment) Local Copy
  CFS-327 Notification of Name Removal From the Central Registry Local Copy
  CFS-327A Physical Documentation - Body Diagram Local Copy
CFS-328A Request for Name Removal From the Central Registry (03/2008) Local Copy
CFS-329 Child Death Notification Local Copy
  CFS-330 Protective Services Alert Notification (07/2004) Local Copy
CFS-331 Change in Placement Review Local Copy
CFS-332 Income Assistance Request Log Local Copy
  CFS-333 Client Information Sheet for Cash Assistance and Foster Care Incidentals Local Copy
CFS-334 Foster Care Services - Authorization for Billing (R. 06/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-336 Expiration of Protective Custody/Parental Notification Local Copy
  CFS-336S Expiration of Protective Custody/Parental Notification (Spanish) (05/97) Local Copy
CFS-341 DCFS Policy Employee Certification Receipt  Local Copy
CFS-342 State Police Criminal Record Check Local Copy
  CFS-343 Notification of Court Appearance Local Copy
CFS-344 Request for Employee/Applicant Child Maltreatment Central Registry Check (12/1999) Local Copy
CFS-345 Intensive Family Services Referral Local Copy
CFS-347 Intensive Family Services Family Counselor’s Time Record Local Copy
CFS-351 Initial Dental Examination Local Copy
CFS-352 Medical, Dental, Vision, Hearing & Psychological Episodic Form Local Copy
CFS-353 Requested Medical Records Log Local Copy
  CFS-360 Request for Conference/Training Local Copy
CFS-362 Medi-Alert to Foster Care Provider (R. 04/2007) Local Copy
CFS-363 Foster Parent, Adoptive Parent or Applicant Smoking Certification (R.02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-365 Receipt For Medical Passport of a Foster Child and Acknowledgement of Confidential Nature of Information Contained in the Medical Passport Local Copy
CFS-368 Child’s Health Services Plan Local Copy
  CFS-370 Independent Youth’s Residence Checklist Local Copy
CFS-371 Continuing Developmental History Summary Local Copy
CFS-372 Results of Developmental Evaluations Local Copy
  CFS-376 Authorization for Billing & Trust Account Action Local Copy
  CFS-377 Facility Trust Account Report Local Copy
  CFS-379 Close Out/Overpayment Notification Local Copy
  CFS-380 Trust Account Invoice Local Copy
  CFS-381 Employee Training Record (10-93) Local Copy
CFS-384 Notification to the Local Education Agency of Changes in Child Placement or Experiences of Traumatic Events (11/2005) Local Copy
CFS-388 Application & Agreement to Participate in DCFS Foster Care Driver's License Program Local Copy
CFS-389 Application & Agreement to Participate in DCFS Foster Care Driving Insurance Reimbursement Program Local Copy
  CFS-393 Attorney Report Local Copy
CFS-397 Educational Assessment Local Copy
  CFS-400 Adoption/Foster Home Study Application (07/2009) Local Copy
  CFS-401 Adoption Fact Sheet (R. 12/2005) Local Copy
  CFS-404 General Medical Report (04/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-405 Foster Care/Adoption Services (Family Assessment Information) (03/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-405 Guide Foster/Adoptive Home Assessment Guide (10/2008) Local Copy
CFS-408 Federal Parent Locator System Information Local Copy
  CFS-409 Foster Care/Adoption Questionnaire (03/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-411 Affidavit Local Copy
CFS-413 Foster Care/Adoption Inquiry (09/2005) Local Copy
CFS-414 Adoption Services Change of Status (10/2005) Local Copy
  CFS-418 Notice of Custody w/Power to Consent to Adoption Procedure Local Copy
CFS-420 Legal Risk Adoption Placement Agreement Local Copy
  CFS-421 Reference Letter (03/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-421-4 Home Study Attachment Child Custody Local Copy
  CFS-421-5 Home Study Attachment Placement Local Copy
  CFS-421-6 Home Study Attachment Youth Services Center Local Copy
  CFS-423 Certificate of Service (09/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-425 Adoption Services Application for Adoption Subsidy (R. 11/2007) Local Copy
CFS-426 Adoption Services Statement of Income and Resources for Adoption Subsidy (((08/2008) Local Copy
CFS-427 Adoption Services Determination of Eligibility for Adoption Subsidy Local Copy
CFS-428A Adoption Assistance Agreement For State Funded Subsidy Payments (R. 08/2007) Local Copy
CFS-428B Adoption Assistance Agreement For Federal IV-E Funded Assistance (R.08/2007) Local Copy
  CFS-428C Adoption Assistance Agreement For Non-Recurring Adoption Expense Payment Local Copy
CFS-429 Special Adoption Subsidy Re-Evaluation (R. 11/2007) Local Copy
CFS-431 Certification of Adoption Subsidy Eligibility (R. 06/2007) Local Copy
CFS-432 Recommendation for Finalization of an Adoption Local Copy
CFS-433 Individualized Adoption Recruitment Plan Local Copy
  CFS-434 Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry Local Copy
  CFS-445 Family Foster Home Needs Assessment (01/2005) Local Copy
CFS-446 In-Home Consultation Visit Report (07/2009) Local Copy
CFS-451 Foster Parent Re-Evaluation (02/2005) Local Copy
CFS-452 Relative Placement Kinship Care/Relative Foster Care Vertification (06/2004) Local Copy
CFS-455 Request / Consent for Health Department Services (03/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-456 Birth Family Background Information Local Copy
CFS-457 Hospital Data (02/2005) Local Copy
  CFS-460 Plan for Foster Child Attaining Majority Local Copy
  CFS-462 Initial Family Foster Home Agreement Local Copy
  CFS-462A Foster Home Agreement Addendum Local Copy
CFS-463 Knowledge of Pre-Service Training Material (02/2005) Local Copy
CFS-464 Foster Parent Evaluation (02/2005) Local Copy
  CFS-465 Foster Parent Orientation Checklist (R. 07/2004) Local Copy
CFS-467 Adoption Recruitment Agreement Local Copy
CFS-468 Adoption -- Data Matching Local Copy
CFS-470 Selection of Adoption Family Local Copy
CFS-471 Disclosure for Adoption Local Copy
CFS-474 Provisional Foster Home Orientation Checklist (10/2008) Local Copy
CFS-475 Checklist for Compliance – Family Foster Home Record (R. 07/2009) Local Copy
  CFS-476 DCFS Training Completion Certificate (R. 01/2008) Local Copy
CFS-479 Foster Home Re-Evaluation Notice (07/2006) Local Copy
CFS-480 Alternate Compliance of Water Supply Agreement - Foster Homes (02/2005) Local Copy
  CFS-482 Foster Home Approval Letter (08/2004) Local Copy
  CFS-483 Foster Home Re-evaluation Letter (08/2004) Local Copy
CFS-485 Foster Home Face Sheet (02/2005) Local Copy
CFS-487 Application for Title IV-E Payments/Medicaid Local Copy
CFS-489 Foster Parent Request for Consideration to Adopt Local Copy
  CFS-491 Consent for Use of Funds and Resources Local Copy
CFS-493 Title IV-E Medicaid Redetermination Local Copy
CFS-495 Notification of Change Local Copy
  CFS-496 Assessment for Income Assistance Local Copy
  CFS-509A Recommendation To The Child Welfare Agency Review Board (08/2006) Local Copy
  CFS-509B Request For Alternative Compliance or Policy Waiver (04/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-521 Child Welfare Licensing Unit's Licensing Compliance Record (R. 02/2008) Local Copy
CFS-563 Foster Parent/Adoptive Parent Recruitment Log (01/2005) Local Copy
  CFS-579 Agreement for Provider Services Local Copy
CFS-590 Invitation to Family-Centered Meeting Local Copy
  CFS-592 Financial/Medical Plan Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Local Copy
CFS-593 DCFS Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program (09/2007) Local Copy
CFS-594 Meal Voucher Authorization for "FEED THE KIDS" Program Local Copy
  CFS-595 Meal Authorization Log for "FEED THE KIDS" Program Local Copy
CFS-1136 DCFS Employee Orientation Checklist Addendum (R. 09/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-4330 Child Welfare Student Stipend Agreement (R. 00/2006) Local Copy
  CFS-4331 Educational Leave Contract - (Full-time/Part-time MSW Student) (09/2006) Local Copy
  CFS-4332 Child Welfare Student Stipend Application (10/2001) Local Copy
  CFS-6010 Add. - A Visitation Plan for New Case Plan (R. 08/2006) Local Copy
  CFS-6010 Add. - B Independent Living Skills (R. 08/2006) Local Copy
CFS-6013 Application for Emergency Services (07/2006) Local Copy
CFS-6024 Permanency Planning Court Report Local Copy
  CFS-6091 ICPC Parent/Relative Home Study Check List (R. 09/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-6092 ICPC Home Study Request Check List (R. 09/2007) Local Copy
  CFS-6093 ICPC Foster Care Home Study Check List  (R. 09/2008) Local Copy
  CFS-6094 ICPC Adoptive Home Study Check List  (R. 07/2009) Local Copy
  CHRIS Change CHRIS Change Request Form Local Copy
  Referral Childcare Referral (Protective Services/Foster Care/Supportive Services) Local Copy
  CHRIS Data Problem CHRIS Data Problem Form Local Copy
  Coscrprn Screen Print Documentation (County) Local Copy
  DHS-81 Consent for Release of Information Local Copy
  DHS-359 DHS Access Request Form Local Copy
  DHS-4000 Authorization to Disclose Health Information Local Copy
  Drug Screening Drug Screen & Alcohol Test Authorization Form Local Copy
ICPC-100A Interstate Compact Placement Request Local Copy
ICPC-100B Interstate Compact Report on Child’s Placement Status Local Copy
  ICPC-101 ICPC Sending State Priority Home Study Request Local Copy
  Letterhd Blank Letterhead Local Copy
  NewProv Request for New Service Provider Local Copy
  OCC-410 Consent to Termination of Parental Rights (R 03/2009) Local Copy
  Service Request for Service / Encumbrance (Non-Placement Services Only) Local Copy
  OST CHRIS Request for OST CHRIS Report Local Copy
  CHRIS Net CHRIS Net Pending Reports (07/2007) Local Copy
  Scrprn Screen Print Documentation (Classroom) Local Copy
  SS_5 Application for a Social Security Card Local Copy
  SSI Screening SSI Screening Questionnaire Local Copy
  VSP-1 Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program; Authorization to Operate State Vehicles and Private Vehicles on State Business Local Copy
  VSP-2 Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program; Authorization to Obtain Traffic Violation Record Local Copy
  Vehicle Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program (DCFS Version) 04 Local Copy

One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had, nor what my clothes were like, but that the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child.

The beautiful pictures on cakid.org are graciously used by permission and copyrighted by Darrel Tank at www.darreltank.com.  These and more may be seen at http://www.cakid.org/Darrel_Tank/thumb.html.  Thank you, Darrel, for your contribution to the foster parents of Arkansas.  We thank you, and our kids thank you!

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